Voop: Voice of Our People
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Voop: Voice of Our People

Voop.Global is a tool that analyses people's values and behaviours at work, to create a dashboard of company culture.

CEOS and Boards are unable to measure and report on company culture in real time, or track changes as they occur.


  • Gives results in real time

  • Gives continual feedback on impacts to culture

  • Alerts Boards and CEOs to a culture at risk

  • Does not ask employees to fill in a survey

  • Provides recommendations on action to take

Walk 1000 miles in the shoes of your employees

Voop.Global evaluates your organisations' internal communication to determine key themes that relate to company values. Then, Voop.Global dives deeper into the data, extracting exact words or phrases to understand the themes.  This is presented on a dashboard that tracks cultural indicators against your desired culture.

Read our recent Blog on the Voop.Global Proof of Concept.

Receive timely recommendations on how to improve your culture

As you receive daily insights into your company culture, Voop.Global will use machine learning to see patterns that inform what activities are positively impacting it.  Using this information it will make recommendations on what activities you should do more of to drive towards the culture you are trying to achieve. 

Equip yourself with the data you need to successfully lead your team through change

The greatest risk to the success of organisational change is not bringing your people on the journey.  Regular scanning by Voop.Global will alert you to any potential issues before they grow into problems, giving you the opportunity to address them.

Receive alerts when your Culture is at risk

A toxic company culture can cost organisations millions of dollars.  Voop.Global will alert you when your company culture is at risk, before it becomes toxic, giving you the opportunity to quickly make changes.

About us

Kristin O'Brien, Founder, Voop

Kristin O'Brien, Founder, Voop


Kristin’s passionate about the future of work and the opportunities it will provide. She is curious about what humans are uniquely positioned to do, and through Voop.Global, aims to bring everyone on the journey to a better way of working.

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